Is your child facing challenges to focus, read, stay organized?

Does your child struggle with sensory overload or poor language development?

Does your child's homework take hours and hours to complete?


Our brain-based programs can reposition your child for greater success this school year. We generate foundational results with no medications.



A Neuro-auditory Training Program

The Tomatis Method is a revolutionary program that changes lives. This brain-based audio training program was developed by Alfred Tomatis, MD nearly 65 years ago and is used by more than 2000 practitioners around the world. The Tomatis Method has the capacity to foundationally help a wide array of issues with no medications.


ReadLS uses brain plasticity and computer science to synchronize information and deliver it directly where it is needed, quickly and efficiently. It is this increased processing capacity that makes it possible for ReadLS children to make the transition into fluent reading. Watch this video to learn more.

One Mom's Story

"We have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on tutors and physical, occupational, and speech therapy for our daughter. 

After 3 years of therapy, one of her therapists said that she felt like she owed us a refund because our daughter wasn’t making progress.  We knew we had to find a different approach."

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The Listening Checklist

A Tool to See if You or Your Child May Have a Listening Problem

We cannot "see" listening. The only way to "get at it" is indirectly—through skills that are related to it in one way or another. This checklist, developed by Canadian Tomatis practitioner, Paul Madaule, offers a catalog of abilities, skills or qualities that will enable you to assess whether you or your child may have a listening problem. There is NO score. This is simply a tool for you to evaluate your own or your child’s ability to listen, and thus to learn. Check as many boxes, as you feel appropriate.

A message from Executive Director, Kirsten Lopez