No matter what challenges cross your path in life, as long as there is hope, you will continue to grow stronger.

These are a few of the personal journeys and testimonials that our clients have shared with us. Each of their experiences is unique. Yet, at the same time, they are all connected to one simple thought; HOPE. For many you, hope is what keeps you inspired to find something beyond what you are told is the status quo. We hope you find your answers here.


Parent of 2nd Grader (poor language processing)

It’s hard to actually put it into words. She is still the same girl, of course, but there is a “wholeness” to her now that was never there before. She is still very emotional, especially when she is faced with needing to learn something new, but she recovers like she has never been able to before and she doesn’t have a “buzz” about her anymore. Since she was a baby there was an unsettled feeling about her, and she regularly made me feel very nervous. It’s like a miracle now – she is so easy to be around and she is a calmer, happier girl. She got to spend a weekend alone with my mom & dad in February for the first time too…She was spoiled like never before!! So, I just wanted to thank you again for all you’ve done for our family, and I am so thankful we met you at this stage of her life.


71-year-old anthropologist and artist

May I offer my support for your program from an adult perspective. After a horrific period of health problems including four surgeries and problems with medication, I felt very disjointed and unable to focus. After the first 30 hours (of Tomatis®), I am more focused, able to speak more clearly and my creativity is flowing again. This is reflected in the design of my new jewelry line where the pieces range from simple in the beginning to much more complex and colorful at present. Thank you. This program isn’t just for kids!


Parent of 1st Grader (sensory issues)

I have never seen him play with another child until now. I have also never seen him make a mistake in his writing without melting down (until now). He was unable to go to movies or parties. Before he could not stay in an event because it was too loud for him or he would lose interest. He is now in a class of 35 and he can tell the teacher when it is getting too loud for him. He runs and plays with others. He is able to let you know how he feels.


Teacher of 1st Grader (attention problems)

He is definitely participating more in class. He does not get frustrated as much as he had been. If he has to copy anything, he does it much quicker and without complaining. He seems much more focused than he was before the program. His math facts seemed to have improved also.


Parent of 5th Grader (attention issues/struggling reader)

My son had a “D” in reading last year. This year he has a “B.” He read Tales of Despereaux and then watched the movie. I asked him which he liked better. He answered he liked the book better because there was more in the book! Sitting doing homework was a hassle (up to 3 hours) now he doing it in half the time.


Parent of High School Senior (high functioning autism)

R. is taking AP Calculus and AP physics along with a full honors course load. He was pulled out of class earlier this week by the school’s IEP team. They wanted to check on him. They had also spoken with his teachers. They were surprised that R. was doing fine… Usually, he has a series of anxiety/panic attacks in the first weeks of school that are severe enough that he has to leave the classroom and go to the special ed. room. So far, not even a little panic attack has happened, and his team was concerned! (This young man finished the year as a National Merit Scholar.)


Graduate Student (anxiety)

Before starting my graduate coursework in Education, I suffered from anxiety and depression. I was sleeping 10 hours a day and not waking up refreshed. After completing the Tomatis® program, my anxiety is back to levels where I can function normally in society and I wake up after a night of sleep feeling relaxed and ready for the day. I can’t thank Brain Solutions enough for helping me successfully transition into this next stage of my life!


Parent of 8th Grader (Asperger’s)

A.’s challenge has always been organization. She is getting her homework done and turned in on time more reliably this year. She also turned in her signed policies for each class and her IEP form. Usually, we have beginning of the year issues with A. losing these after I sign them. She is also more emotionally resilient. She had a bad day recently… she was upset when she got home, but she was able to talk about it and it didn’t eat at her all evening.