Answers to most of these questions can be found throughout this website. Here are some short answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: How long does the average program take?
A: For most people, the process includes a minimum of 52-60 hours of listening in two sessions of 26-30 hours each. This is usually completed in less than 3 months. The sessions typically include passive listening where the client simply listens to the individualized program selected for his or her own ears. Additional listening may continue past three months, if appropriate.

Q: Do I have to sit still during the two hours of daily listening?
A: No. Children may play and adults may work if desired, although reading is not recommended. Listeners may draw, work puzzles, sleep, or even complete homework assignments that do not require extensive reading or screen time.

Q: Where is the Tomatis Method available?
A: Brain Solutions Inc is currently the only authorized provider in Nevada. This link will allow you to locate authorized Tomatis professionals in your area: http://www.tomatis.com/en/find-us.html. If there is not a provider in your area, please contact us at [email protected]

Q: What types of results are we likely to see?
A: Some of the concrete changes are often seen when:

  • A child with attention challenges can complete work in a more timely manner
  • Greater resiliency
  • A good student reduces the number of hours spent on homework
  • An active person begins to hear information the first time it is said instead of having it repeated
  • A struggling adult can keep a job
  • You can hold eye-contact during a conversation
  • Decisions are easier to make
  • You remember words and names more easily
  • General communications improve both at home and at work
  • Overall daily energy is continuous throughout the day and into the evening
  • Person tries a new sport
  • Self-esteem improves and new ideas emerge
  • You are excited and motivated to take action
  • People begin to believe again in possibilities

Q: Are the resulting changes lasting?
A: Yes. Once the program is completed, changes will last. Any future trauma to the ear such as severe illness or an accident may result in changes to a person’s listening skills. This can be corrected with additional Tomatis programming.

Q: How do I start?
A: Call 702-340-2248 or email [email protected] to learn more about the program or to
schedule your initial consultation.

Q: Does this process help hearing loss?
A: If there is neurological damage to the ear, the Tomatis Method will not correct this loss. However, if there is loss without cause, there may be a chance to improve a person’s hearing by doing this program. At present, we have no evidence to support this, but we have personal experience with clients whose hearing has improved.

Q: Can the Tomatis Method be combined with other therapies?
A: The Tomatis Method works on the ear as a vital part of the body’s function. Many therapists, such as speech, occupational, and physical therapists, recommend the Tomatis Method to their clients as complements to their programs. We may also recommend massage, cranial sacral, and chiropractic therapies in conjunction with your Tomatis program.

Q: Why does the program use the music of Mozart?
A: Mozart’s music is very complex, covering a wide range of sound in most pieces. A study done at UC Irvine found Mozart touches human brain activity, providing openings for learning. That is why Mozart's music has been proven to be so beneficial for learning and education. Dr. Tomatis found Mozart the most efficient for re-training the middle ear muscles.

Q: Can I just listen to Mozart on my IPOD with the same results?
A: Listening to Mozart at any time supports learning skills; however, the Tomatis Method uses patented technology and equipment that individualizes the listening experience and stimulates your ears through a personal program that dramatically affects auditory processing in an enduring way.