Not knowing causes of dyslexia can lead to ineffective treatment programs, which results in too many children slipping through their school years, not being able to read properly. Conventional validation methods have not been successful in establishing the causes of dyslexia. Brain imaging research has removed much of the controversy, but not how to address those causes with any kind of structured treatment program.

ReadLS found the answer to overcoming dyslexia and other reading issues twelve years ago. A patented intervention was designed that creates conditions of accelerated brain plasticity, which enables ReadLS to address those causes.


Overcoming Dyslexia

Overcoming dyslexia has been considered close to impossible. However, ReadLS's program has helped many in overcoming dyslexia.

How Does ReadLS Work?

In the last ten years, brain imaging technology has made it possible to see brains working while a child is reading.

Normal readers use their left half of their brain in a compact, interconnected and highly efficient way. Poor readers use both sides of their brains in a disconnected and highly inefficient way. In early stages of reading, none of this matters much. In later stages of reading, it matters much... very much.

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1. What causes dyslexia?

Some children are born with anatomical flaws in some areas of the brain. This alters the way the brain is inclined to function, depending upon the type of flaws and where they occur. This is the 'nature' factor of what causes dyslexia.

How the brain ultimately develops is also influenced by personality, aptitudes, environment, tuition given and exposure to literacy. These are the 'nurture' factors that cause dyslexia.

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