For Adults

1 Feet: Place your feet flat on the floor at the width of your hips.
As if rooted to the ground!

2 Back: Sit up straight without over-stooping or arching your lower back.
As if you had the tail of a kangaroo and were sitting on it!

3 Head: Your head rests naturally and relaxed on the top of your spine.
As if you were suspended by a puppet wire!

4 Lips: Round your lips and extend forward without pulling on your neck.
As if you wanted to touch the microphone with your lips.

5 Stomach: Breathe calmly using your diaphragm, letting your stomach go in and out gently.

Like the back-and-forth motion of waves in the sea!


For Younger Users

The child may imagine he/she is a tree: the feet are roots going into the ground, the back the trunk that rise up straight, the head the foliage.

Mime the rain sprinkling down to make the child grow, grow, grow.