One Mom’s Story

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on tutors and physical, occupational, and speech therapy for our daughter.

After 3 years of therapy, one of her therapists said that she felt like she owed us a refund because our daughter wasn’t making progress. We knew we had to find a different approach.
We found Brain Solutions and the Tomatis Method. Before Tomatis, our daughter couldn’t ride a 3-wheel scooter without falling off. One month after our first round of Tomatis, she was riding a 2-wheel scooter; three months later, she was riding a 2 wheel bike.

After Tomatis, our therapists were amazed at our daughter’s progress. The kid who plodded along was now making great strides. One therapist even said, “She is doing things that I never thought she’d do. Her progress is faster than I ever expect of any child.”

After a few more sessions of Tomatis and continuing tutoring and therapies, our daughter is in general education classes and exiting therapies. She is engaged socially and academically. She is happy.

As a gardener, I know to prepare my soil well before I plant seeds. After all, no matter how good the seeds are and how lovingly tended, plants will struggle to grow if you have poor soil. Little did I know, my daughter’s brain connections (her ‘soil’) needed tending, too. Tomatis was able to help her brain more efficiently function. The seeds of therapy and tutoring are now flourishing.