"I was at a breaking point before I found Brain Solutions. Now I can say there is more joy for me in motherhood than there ever was before."

Dear Parents:

School is difficult for many children. For many students the days are long, and the pace is very fast. Today’s curriculum is much more advanced than it was even only a decade ago. The emphasis on academics requires the abilities to pay attention and focus for long periods of time, listen skillfully, and process quickly to be successful. Expectations have certainly risen in recent years, while, counterproductively, class sizes have grown and budgets have shrunk, leaving less time for teachers to give specialized instruction to those who learn differently or do not excel in the skills needed for success. These skills are important to your child’s success in school, yet our teachers do not have the time or the ability to teach them to those struggling.

Brain Solutions can help.

We work with individuals of all ages who are struggling with learning disabilities, attention deficit issues, sensory integration, processing, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Tourette Syndrome or other differences that make learning or functioning in school/life more difficult. The scientifically developed programs that we use are designed to improve brain functioning in these areas, as well as others. There are no medications, and the results are enduring.

Click here for a copy of our Listening Checklist that can be the first step to determining if you/your child can benefit from Tomatis®.

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